UI Design

What is UI?

UI stands for “user interface”. Usually, when we say UI we mean the graphical layout of a website, app, or any other kind of software.

UI is all about colors, shapes, positions of elements like buttons, pictures, icons, sliders, etc. Also, UI includes animations, transitions, and many other kinds of visual interactions with the elements.

UI design

By now you may already guess that UI design is a process of designing the graphics for anything that works on computers or other electronic devices. It’s done by graphic designers who’s job is to make it visually attractive, emotional, and appropriate for a given task. But that’s not all.

What’s even more important is that good UI has to be intuitive to use and consistent over the whole project. If it’s not a user experience can become a real hassle.

The most basic example is two buttons. Imagine you have a mobile app with two pages. A user has to fill out the form on the first page to get to the second one to continue registration. On the first page, a button to confirm is square and green. But on the second page, a button that does the same thing is circle and yellow. When a user approaches it, he gets immediately confused: “What does this one do? Is it even a button or maybe it’s just a label?”. But if two buttons had the same look the user wouldv’e intuitively knew it’s function.

Why is UI important for business?

It attract customers

Many people think that UI is only about beauty, but in fact, it’s not. Good UI can give you a real competitive advantage and even boost sales.

The first reason is that people judge a book by its cover. These days almost nothing is unique. Google anything and you will get at least 10 sites with similar offers. Which one will you eventually use? The one that looks and feels nice and trustworthy, in other words, has a good UI. Same thing with apps, online shops, or anything else.

It’s even more important for services that are intended to be used regularly like sites or apps from health trackers to sophisticated business tools. A man can make a one time purchase from a site that he doesn’t like but will never be so careless when choosing a service for daily use.

Who looks better — wins and gets more customers

It increases efficiency

Maybe the most valuable feature of UI is that it has a clear connection with conversion and completion rates. Most marketers believe that everything is about what the customer will hear or read, but in face visual part is not less or even more important than words.

There are a lot of examples when just a couple of quick tweaks in UI has changed the numbers dramatically. So if you are dealing with sales make sure to pay due attention to UI.

How do we approach UI

We strongly believe that UI is not a decoration but another tool to solve business problems. That’s why we are taking it seriously and always benign with the interviews to get understanding what will work the best.

Our design specialist gives a client unique 10-15 questions that were prepared specifically for the given project. These questions will then help our team find the most suitable visual solution for great results.

So if you need any kind of graphic design or UI design — contact us.