Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Today people say their whole life is in a smartphone. Most probably you are even watching this video on mobile.

And what makes a smartphone smart is apps. Without them, it would have been just a phone to make calls. But fortunately these days there are tons of apps that make our life easier and someone’s business bigger.

According to studies in 2017 approximately 42% of small businesses had a mobile app. 28% used them to attract new customers. 18% to gain competitive advantage. And 17% to increase sales.

What business tasks do apps solve?

We can divide business apps by function: inner apps are optimizing inner processes in a company or service and outer apps are used as a way to communicate with clients and making sales.

Inner apps are usually used for:

  • Automation of business processes. For example, processing orders for restaurants, sales for shops, booking for hotels.
  • Optimizing teamwork and communication inside a company. These are task trackers, virtual offices, etc.

Outer are used for:

  • Providing service for a customer. This can be internet banking, package tracking, ticket booking, etc. Often these apps work both for client and business. It means that the same app is used for example for both ordering food and managing orders in a restaurant.
  • Communicating with a customer. Usually, this is done by using push-notifications. An example of a push-notification would be a message from Uber that says that a car has arrived. Apps can send notifications on demand at any time. For example to inform clients about sales.
  • Providing customer support. This function usually accompanies a service and gives a client a convenient way of getting help or solving problems.

What benefits do apps give?

Automation is crucial for any company that is growing because it reduces the amount of workforce needed to run the business.

  • Increased sales

    These days almost 70% of sales come from mobile, so just having an app will automatically increase earnings. Moreover, apps are one of the best tools for raising repeat sales numbers.

  • More knowledge about customers

    Apps are capable of automatically collecting data about customers: from phone numbers to what other apps a customer has installed. Also, businesses usually have a loyalty program that requires to use an app to get bonuses.

  • Business processes automation

    Here we will use Uber as an example again. Just imagine how many resources a company should have had to maintain a taxi service all around the world without an app. That’s would be completely impossible.

  • Cheaper and faster to devop

    As we already said once you develop a cross-platform app it can be used on any device. There is no need to develop a version for other platforms.

  • Easier to develop

    We won’t get into much detail here not to overload you with technical stuff. Just believe it is.

  • Lower performance

    Cross-platform apps can be used on any device because they use smart tricks under the hood. Unfortunately, these tricks require more phone resources to work.

  • Lack of features

    Another drawback is that a cross-platform app can’t use all capabilities and functions that platforms offer like some types of notifications, animations, etc.

Why developing an app with us is a good choice?

In the past years, we’ve developed a bunch of great apps. But we know that these days having an awesome portfolio is not enough. There are hundreds and thousands of developers out there ready to make an app for you. What differs us from them is the approach and client service that we offer.

Our clients choose us for seven reasons:


Latest technology

All our employees never stop learning and passing fresh certifications to keep up with trends and the latest technology. We have a rule: new project — new technology stack. This is our way to win clients the most time they should upgrade an app. But what’s more important is that it brings more security.



Time plays a big part in our value system because we believe that it’s one of the most valuable human resources. That’s why no matter what we deliver every project in time or even earlier. And as long as we know that time is money we always sign a contract with our clients so that everyone feels safe



We don’t treat work as a duty. It’s our loved job and we do it passionately. That’s why we always take only those projects that we are ready to dive into. And we do it with pleasure.



Our workflow is proven to be well-established but is also flexible enough to adjust to any customer requests . We take quality control seriously. Every member of our team is responsible for the end product and keeps an eye on what others do. Moreover, our technical director does daily checkups to make sure that any issues are fixed right away.



We treat testing even more thoroughly than developing. All our projects come out tested and ready to use. We always take into account all reports from focus groups and testers and carefully inspect all details to improve the product and take down all bugs.


More than design

We don’t just create an awesome UI that is modern and trendy. We analyze the market and all competitors to make a product stand out and be relevant for the target audience. We believe that design has to be both beautiful and efficient, so we use neuromarketing techniques to drive users to a desired action, for example clicking the ‘buy’ button.



We give a guarantee that our apps are of high quality and don’t have bugs. But even then we continue supporting our clients after release in case anything else might go wrong. Moreover, in some cases we are financially responsible for what goes wrong and have established response time so that our clients always know when their issues are going to be fixed. For example, if our app wasn’t available for some time, we will compensate a client.

If you need an app that won’t cost you nerves — contact. We don’t only know how to make great apps but also provide 
a client with a top class client service.