What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

A term landing page comes from online marketing. It is a website page that a user “lands on” after he clicks a link. But not every page is considered to be “landing”. It has to be specifically designed to solve a particular business task. For example, if it asks the user to make a purchase or become lead by submitting a form it is a landing page.

Usually, it works like this. A user sees a product, for example, in a Facebook ad. He’s interested so he clicks a link and it takes him to the landing page. Then the user reads more about the product and finally clicks a Buy button.

Without a landing page, it’s impossible to sell a product on the web, because even if you buy an advertisement it has to lead a user somewhere.

Now you might ask yourself if you already have a website, why not just lead a user to a home page? Short answer — a landing page will give incomparably more sales. It is designed to make a person buy your product. There is nothing distracting a user. Every word and picture is thoroughly chosen to sell.

How do we approach developing a landing page?

We believe that first of all a landing page is not a site, it’s a business tool and it has to be efficient. There are lots of web designers and developers that can make a nice looking website. The only thing they lack is knowledge of how to make visitors do what a client wants them to do. But we know because we put marketing first.

Our formula for a landing page is CTA + TA. We always start by finding out how to make certain people follow a call to action, be it buying stuff or filling out a form to become a lead.

Let’s break down our process in steps, so you can better understand our approach and workflow.


We analyze competitors and how do they solve similar tasks.

Our goal is to outplay them, so we need to figure out what is their approach and what exact steps should we make to get better results.


Then we analyze the target audience and do marketing research.

This is the most important step because the knowledge that we get will lay the ground for every decision that we make further.

First , we have to figure out who are we communicating through the landing page. It helps us understand how to talk to them, what arguments will work, and what to show them.


Based on insights

Based on insights that we got from step 2 we write text, scripts, and algorithms of a customer journey to lead them from an ad to the desired action.


Creating prototypes

This is the most important step because the knowledge that we get will lay the ground for every decision that we make further.


And here design comes to play

We analyze competitors’ websites to figure out how to make our landing page stand out in every detail from colors to style. Moreover, we use neuromarketing research to make decisions about how for example a button should look.

Neuromarketing is a study of how the human brain reacts to different things: colors, the layout of elements, etc.

Using this knowledge we find the best solutions to further enhance a customer journey and increase the number of users who do the desired action.

What comes after a landing page is done?

As you see, our goal is not to make a beautiful page in the first place. We sell our clients powerful tools to solve their business tasks. But if a landing page is a tool it has to be reusable, right?

That’s exactly how we see it. So instead of just giving you a working site, we also develop an easy to use interface that lets you alter a landing page in the future.

Imagine you have a new product. Just a few clicks and your landing page is adjusted to sell it.

Though landing is just one of the steps needed to sell a product. First you have to drive customers to it. And we know how to do it. We can create a complex marketing strategy with an effective sales funnel that will include a landing page as the last stage.

Contact us if you want to get not just a good looking page, but a powerful business tool to boost your sales.