Custom software

What is custom software?

We call software custom when it’s designed, developed, and deployed exclusively for one client to satisfy his unique needs and goals. A client has total control over the end result, production process and is able to address any specific business problem to be solved by the software.

If we compare it to a ready-made solution, the latter is a rented apartment and the custom software is a house build from scratch. In a rented apartment you are mostly limited to tweak only a couple of minor things. With a custom solution, you have control over the placement of every socket and nail.

Moreover, off-the-shelf software is usually designed to solve only the most general tasks. It is still suitable for many people, but we can tell from our experience that any business that is not stuck at its initial state inevitably reaches the point when it lacks the functionality and flexibility of a ready-made software.

What are the benefits of custom software?



With custom software, you are limited only with your ambitions and budget. You can get literally any functionality that you want and what’s more important you can make sure that it’s easy to use. The user experience of a ready-made solution is usually not the most efficient and convenient.


Increased efficiency

With unlimited functionality, you are able to enhance and automize any of your business processes. Moreover, you can increase utility for your customers and provide them with better service.



When your business grows, you can easily add new functionality to satisfy new needs. With ready-made solutions, it’s often impossible or hard to achieve that, not to mention that it’s also very expensive.



Many people blame custom software for being too expensive. Yes, it’s not cheap, however, in the long run, it’s still more profitable. Ready-made solutions these days are usually licensed on a subscription basis. Moreover, many developers limit the number of computers that can be used to run their software simultaneously. It means that you will have to pay separately for each machine that you are going to use the software on. Also most of the time with a non-custom solution each month you will have to pay for extra functionality that you don’t use.



The number of cyberattacks is increasing dramatically these days and most of them are targeting enterprise systems. The problem with the ready-made software is that it’s publicly available for hackers to study and find vulnerabilities. Custom software is instead much more secure because no one but the owner and developer has free access to it.

Moreover, custom software gives the flexibility to use any type of security solutions and approaches. This means that a unique security system of any level can be developed for each specific client.



Most modern software systems are composed of many components and some of them are often integrated third-party solutions. For example, you may want to integrate your favorite messenger into your workflow, but a ready-made software just doesn’t support it. With custom software only you choose what tools to use.

How do we develop custom solutions?

Usually, the development is not even the second step of production.



UA general project begins with research. At this stage, a developer analyzes the requirements and identifies the optimal approach to solve the given business problem.


Next comes product design

Product design which means designing software architecture, UX & UI (user-experience and user-interface). The latter two may seem like an unimportant part, but they really are, as they define how easy and comfortable it would be to use the software. This also means that if done correctly UX and UI will greatly increase your productivity.


The third and most interesting

The third stage is usually the MVP development. MVP stands for a minimum viable product — a version of a software that has just enough features to test things out and get feedback for future development.

And then the software gets optimized, tested, and improved until it’s ready for deployment.

Feel free to discuss your idea with us! We will gladly help you with an estimate, suggest options and show you what we can create for your idea.