CRM development

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a type of software that helps businesses manage sales and track customer data. But what’s more important CRM is a way to increase productivity and grow sales.

For example: a customer fills out a form on your site. A CRM will immediately gather information about this lead and assign it to a manager. Then the CRM will track the deal and create reports for further analysis. But this doesn’t end with a site. A CRM is a hub that gathers customer and sales data from all channels: phone, e-mail, chats, social media and so on.

These days without CRM a workflow will be a complete hassle and your sales department will just drown in excel spreadsheets. So it’s an absolute must-have if you want to control what’s going on in our company and have a bird eye view of all processes.

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What does a CRM offer you?


Customer profiling

A CRM helps you know your customers better. It gives you a detailed profile of every person that has ever interacted with your business: contacts, age, gender, order history, revenue and much more.


Analytics and statistics

A CRM gives you plenty of tools to analyze your business and improve marketing strategy. With convenient reports and dashboards you will be able to tell what is the average check, the amount of upsales, what marketing channels bring you the most revenue and so on.


Sales department efficiency control

CRM allows you to easily track the performance of your sales department. You will get detailed statistics on all leads, interactions with customers and sales. Also a CRM can track tasks, their completion and make reminders for your employees. This allows you to better manage KPIs and makes routine more efficient.


Document storage and safety

All contracts, mail, spreadsheets and other documents are stored in one place and are available 24/7. Every CRM has a security system which makes it a much safer place to store your data than any ordinary computer.


In this case you will need to buy a server first and then install a CRM on it. Then employees can access it through the company’s network or internet depending on the level of security you want to get. The advantage of this method is that a server will be physically stored in your office and you will be able to fully control it. Though it needs an IT-administrator to look after it.

Cloud solutions

This type of CRM will store your data on an external server in the web. It means that you will only have to pay rent for it and all maintenance routines are on your service provider so it’s the easiest way to start from the scratch. The disadvantage of this method is that you don’t own a server. So you are vulnerable to unexpected service malfunctions and it’s less secure than having our own private server.

So again, why do I need a CRM?

Ok, now let’s just quickly recall all main benefits of a CRM for your business

  • Sales and revenue growth
  • More leads conversion
  • Security of your business data
  • More productivity and efficiency
  • And more satisfied customers

Now you know that you need a CRM and we know how to implement it and tailor it to your needs. Let’s grow your business together. Let’s grow your business together.